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Jeremy Hastings of Islay Birding provides tailor made birding tours specially for residents of Coillabus Cottage. For those who want a real bushcraft focus we are delighted to offer families a unique opportunity to achieve a John Muir award during their stay at Coillabus. The award is an ideal way to enjoy to the full the wonderful environment of the Mull of Oa as well as to engage in selected conservation activities. With the luxury of Coillabus to come home to you have the very best of both worlds.  Ask for details when booking. Or see

Francois Bernier and FCINSL Catering
are on hand to provide bespoke catering
services for guests at Coillabus.
From a full in-house chef service
to a selection of ready meals using
fine local ingredients see

 Sketching and painting
At Coillabus you will find original art from local artist 
Mina Carmichael throughout the house. Some pictures
are available for sale.
You can also join Mina for an informal  drawing and
painting outing. Details on application.

Anglers staying at Coillabus can take advantage of our fishing permit and enjoy the unrivalled peace and tranquility of nearby freshwater lochs including Glenastil and Kinnabus. A boat is also available by arrangement with Port Ellen Angling Club. We have a trout rod for the use of guests on request.

Many families from the Oa emigrated to Canada and The US in the 19th Century and you can still visit the remains of deserted crofts and settlements. Most of these sites are within walking distance of Coillabus. We are delighted to welcome visiting decendents looking to retrace the steps of their ancestors.

Email    to discuss your requirements.